Gift Cards

Present thrilling emotions and unforgettable experiences

Have you ever been in the situation, when you were struggling with a good gift purchase and finally ended up with a bottle of champagne or aroma soup? We have! Fear not, for now you have an opportunity to impress everyone with an exclusive gift – Labyrinth Games Room Escape gift card! Offer thrilling emotions and memorable experiences to your lover, friends, or parents. We guarantee to provide the highest quality service which will stay with you for many years to come.

Tämä lahjakortti on arvoltaan

  • 30€
  • 60€
  • 90€
  • 120€
  • 140€

Game Pricing

2-3 people 90 €
4-4 people 120 €
5-6 people 140 €

Terms of use:

1. Gift card is valid for 9 months after the purchase
2. The value of the gift card is deducted from the price of the game
3. Any excess value will not be refunded
4. Escape room gift card is valid at all times and dates in our booking calendar
5. Gift card can only be redeemed for games at Vuorimiehenkatu and Satakunnankatu

You will receive the giftcard within 24 h after purchase