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Frequently Asked Question... captain obvious flies away...

What is an escape room?
Labyrinth Games Escape Room Helsinki is a real life interactive game for groups. During the game you will need to solve puzzles, find clues, cooperate with objects and your surroundings, and find the way out of locked rooms. In an escape room you are not allowed to use any physical force, only your intellectual and logical abilities.
What is the age limit?
For The Flying Dutchman and Holy Grail escape games 6+, while for Trapped 16+ due to the theme.
When should we arrive?
Please arrive about 15 minutes prior to the game, so we have time to go through the game rules and instructions.
How can I pay?
You can pay with cash, common bank cards or gift cards. We also accept Smartum liikunta- ja kulttuuri vouchers, Edenred vouchers, TYKY vouchers and ePassi.
How can I change or cancel the reservation?
You can change or cancel your escape room game by calling us or sending us an e-mail at least 24h in advance to your experience.
When should I pay? Can I pay in advance?
You can pay after the game or in advance by visiting our office.
How should I dress?
We advise you to have casual or semi-casual clothes, when attending our escape room in Helsinki.
Can I take pictures during the game?
Photo shooting is strictly forbidden inside the escape room.
Do I need to prepare or bring anything with me?
You don’t need to prepare anything in advance in order to play the room escape. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment during the instruction phase.
Can I use my personal equipment or tools inside the quest?
Using any personal equipment or tools is not allowed in the escape room game unless you have a very serious reason for that (e.g. a flashlight because of bad eyesight), which should be discussed with the game master in advance.
Can my friend/child stay in the reception area during the game?
They can stay behind, but our game masters need to be able to work in peace as their working space is in the reception area. Therefore, they cannot look after your child or offer any kind of entertainment.
Do you have any refreshments for sale?
Unfortunately, no. You can enjoy your own beverages at the reception, but you cannot bring anything into the rooms.
I haven’t gotten my email confirmation, what should I do?
When you make the reservation for your escape room game through our website, an email confirmation is sent automatically to the email address you have provided. Please check you have written it correctly and if you have, please also check your junk mail folder.
What happens if we are late?
The escape room in Helsinki starts according to the schedule, because we may have another game immediately after your game, and we only have a certain amount of time to get the room ready for the next group. Therefore, the time you are late will be taken out of your game time.

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Satakunnankatu 33, Tampere 33210 Finland


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