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Escape room The Flying Dutchman

2-5 Person


As you floated by the shipwreck in the sea, you were sure your luck could not get any worse. You did not understand how wrong you were before climbing on the ship that rescued you. A dot grew on the back of your hand, you have now been cursed with the Black Mark. Only way of saving your souls from the dreadful Kraken is to tame it and by one of you becoming the captain. It was long ago now. Only once in a decade can these rotten pirates walk the land. Now is your chance. Find the chest, strike the immortal heart that controls the ship and take your place. Or you can always wait for ten more years…

This room is pirate themed. You walk through a fully wooden ship trying to find all the secrets left by the captain. This room is the easiest of our three rooms.

Not to be taken too lightly but we recommend this escape room more for beginners and families. Any age fits this room fine, we still hope that at least one parent joins a group of several young ones.

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Escape room The Flying Dutchman

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Absolutely love it!
Played more than 100 rooms and can definitely highly recommend both Holy Grail and The Flying Dutchman. Both rooms have great scenery, great riddles and great game flow! I've played both rooms with my wife and two daughters (6 years old and 3 and a half years old) they loved both rooms as well! Absolutely an escape room to play!
Mind exciting escape room!
The rooms were exciting to play with well built puzzles that kept us engaged in a fun quest to solve the mystery. I loved all of their rooms, but I especially recommend the Holly Grail!
Issouf O
Hieno ensimäinen peli perheen kanssa
The Trapped-room is very original and realistic. This was my first time to try the escape room. The logic involved in the game was really great. I highly recommend this place.
Mihail A
Birthday party
We got a nice one hour game like a part of my daughter birthday party. All kids were involved in the game with a real feeling of interest to escape and win in time.
Vorname N
Best Escape Room in Helsinki
It was so much fun and the room was very creative and exciting!! I would definitely recommend going there
Exciting game
Very nice and exciting game, we had a really good time and lot of fun today, highly recommend this Escape Room
Cadi J
Knolli F
Really cool escape game
We had so much fun in the room. Everything was really authentic and made with love. I would highly recommend this escape game.
Sanna S.
Trapped - really good game
Had really good time with my friends, the game wasn't too easy so we really had to work together. This was my first time trying escaperoom, and I really want to try again!
Laura Elisabet
Fangirl in the scene
I have watched Saw movies all of them, and to get to live the experience to actually survive in this escape room was amazing! I have never had so much fun, but also feared for my life at the same time! For you all who loving some more intense room escape, I suggest Trapped -door! No need to saw any body parts off...necessarily!